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Posted by Alene Keenan On April - 18 - 2015


For a new generation of job seekers considering employment in the hospitality industry there is a vibrant career path that few have been privileged to explore … a path that leads out to sea. If working in the service of others is important to you, accentuated with a healthy dose of adventure, then working as a yacht steward(ess) will certainly meet your employment needs.

The yacht stew

Yacht stews, as they are more commonly referred to in the industry, are highly trained professionals. Stews, unlike their counterparts in the “Cruise line” industry, work in the much more intimate surroundings of private yachts. Stews are primarily responsible for providing dedicated service to the yacht owner. The skill set of the stew is a balanced mix of knowledge, technique and delivery style.

At Yacht Stew Solutions our objective is preparedness

Today’s yacht stew is a consummate professional who is both a manager and a worker applying hotel and restaurant standards to the working life onboard the private yacht. Being responsible for multiple departments like guest services, housekeeping, accommodations and food & beverage provisions is both demanding and challenging for the yacht stew. At Yacht Stew Solutions(YSS) our objective is preparedness. Our workshops focus on:

  • general guest service etiquette
  • five-star food and beverage service
  • in-depth wine and cocktail training
  • accredited skill building seminars for professional stews

In addition, YSS offers consulting services to professionals at all levels in the yachting industry.

Alene Keenan – Founder and CEO

Yacht Stew Solutions (YSS) is a division of the International Institute of Service Arts. Its founder and CEO, Alene Keenan, has been an important and integral part of yacht stewardship for over two decades. With her scope of experience and astute professionalism she brings to the table a unique combination of skills. She is both a knowledgeable teacher and a valued practitioner. When not busy training onboard yachts, teaching classes, delivering workshops and consulting within the industry; Keenan writes a regular column for The Triton, a nautical newspaper for captains and crews.

The Yacht Stew Guru

As a result of her many contributions over the years, Alene Keenan, affectionately known as the Yacht Stew Guru, has become an invaluable mentor and advocate for both new and seasoned students of yacht stewardship. She specializes in education and team building for yacht stews in classroom settings as well as at sea. She conducts regularly-scheduled monthly courses at the world-renowned Maritime Professional Training school in Fort Lauderdale and is available for onboard and private custom courses by appointment. Keenan is a respected industry leader who plays a crucial and pivotal role in helping draft policy and standards for stews in conjunction with the Professional Yachting Association (PYA).



The Yacht Guru’s Bible

 This is the book that Alene Keenan wishes was available when she started out as a professional yacht stew over twenty years ago. She’s compiled a comprehensive book that outlines the knowledge and skillsets that the new steward(ess) needs to hone in order to excel at their job. A trusted resource for the experienced stew, The Yacht Guru’s Bible also acts as a guide for yacht owners, yacht captains, yacht brokers, crew agents and yacht management companies who want to effectively direct and evaluate the performance of their staff. To order a copy click here https://www.createspace.com/5377000. Also available on Amazon.com






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