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Stews are the front line in minimizing waste on yachts, and one important facet of this is the disposal of beverage containers. After years of schlepping cases of bottled water on board, stowing them, restocking refrigerators several times a day, and then disposing of untold numbers of empties, there is no doubt in my mind…(Read More)

As with table wines, the proper service of champagne and dessert wines enhances their enjoyment. The temperature at which these wines are stored and served is important. Glassware, too, makes a difference and is an important consideration.   Champagne does not necessarily benefit from aging. It is mature and can be enjoyed right after it…(Read More)

Recently I taught a bartending class and cheap jerseys we had a discussion about the difference between simple bartending and mixology. We determined that mixology is a step up from bartending, a sort of alchemy, and that aperitifs, digestifs, and liqueurs are a large part of the magic equation.   There is an amazing variety…(Read More)