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We’ve all seen instances of a stew being promoted or hired as chief stew who simply does not have the experience needed to perform the job. A stew may be really great at service and housekeeping and have a year of experience, so she is hired or promoted to a chief stew position. She…(Read More)

Webster’s dictionary defines service as “to answer the needs of, and provide assistance that benefits, others.” There are many levels of service performed in our economy every day, from the person who waits on you at Starbucks in the morning to the person who cleans that Starbucks at night to the person you speak…(Read More)

When working on yachts, we often hear about the importance of teamwork. One of my favorite annoying expressions is “There’s no “I” in team”, always delivered as a reproach when someone does something that someone else considers to be selfish, which is almost as popular as the old “That’s why they pay us…(Read More)

Today’s world has many examples of corporate and individual high-net-worth personalities, celebrities, and political lifestyles. These groups of people often have huge estates, large yachts and private aircraft that demand exacting management skills, technical knowledge, and an understanding of professional service relationships to function smoothly. On yachts, in particular, the level of…(Read More)

One of my students recently told me that she was frustrated because the captain on the boat she was working on did not encourage her to take any formal training. “After all,” he told her, “there is no licensing requirement, and as we all know, it’s not rocket science.” I have heard that line…(Read More)

The Professional Yachtsman’s Association has recently announced plans to develop a formal training and certification requirement for interior yacht crew. This is exciting news. There has not been much formal training available, and there are varying standards and objectives for the training that does exist. One of the challenges of yachting has always been…(Read More)

Part of the five-star luxury service we provide for our guests on board is the turn-down service. Turn-downs are usually done while the guests are having dinner. The practice involves removing and stowing heavy comforters and pillows, and then turning back the sheets and blanket on each side of the bed with…(Read More)

One of the biggest responsibilities of being a stewardess is maintaining and protecting the interior surfaces of the boat. Environmental build-up can quickly cause damage to surfaces so it is important to schedule and carry out routine maintenance and cleaning procedures; neglecting to do so can be a costly mistake. I rely on the…(Read More)

Stews are the front line in minimizing waste on yachts, and one important facet of this is the disposal of beverage containers. After years of schlepping cases of bottled water on board, stowing them, restocking refrigerators several times a day, and then disposing of untold numbers of empties, there is no doubt in my mind…(Read More)

As with table wines, the proper service of champagne and dessert wines enhances their enjoyment. The temperature at which these wines are stored and served is important. Glassware, too, makes a difference and is an important consideration.   Champagne does not necessarily benefit from aging. It is mature and can be enjoyed right after it…(Read More)