Yacht Stew Solutions


Yacht Stew Solutions  is committed to providing the best cheap jerseys service wholesale jerseys training systems for your needs! Leading industry expert, Alene Keenan has the passion, the dedication, wholesale and the drive to develop, install, and continually improve custom training systems designed for you and your crew.  

Service is a relationship. Professional crew want to hockey do their best to meet your needs, but cheap jerseys without a structured system of service, how will they know what you expect? There are many people out there who are serious about their career, but they do not have the training and knowledge they need to excel.  Let before us help you create and install a  system that ensures your expectations and potential are met to the highest standard.


Service Standards and Expectations
  • Service Relationships 
  • Etiquette, Ethics, and Privacy
  • Personal and Professional Boundaries
  • Personal Appearance 
  • International Protocol 
  • Team Work and Team Spirit
  • Confidentiality and Gossip Control
  • Developing and Maintaining Enthusiasm
  • Creating Balance in Your Life
  • Living the 24/7 Lifestyle
Guest Services
  • Dining Etiquette and Protocol
  • Formal and Informal Table Setting
  • Styles of Service/Silver Service
  • Menus and Culinary Terminology
  • Caviar Service, Cheese Service
  • Flower Basics and Care
  • Coffee, Tea, and Beverage Service
  • Fundamentals of Wine
  • Food and Wine Pairing
  • Spirits and Bartending
and more!


Call   for more information about our customized classes.  We offer 3-day, 5-day, and 10-day cheap mlb jerseys curriculum, along with Wine, Bartending, and Silver Service Workshops!  954-873-2869, or 954-257-0094
Yacht Stew Solutions is a division of the International Institute of Service Arts, LLC.