The Yacht Guru’s Bible

The Service Manual for Every YachtYGB-FRONT

By Alene Keenan, The Yacht Stew Guru

  • Wondering what it really takes to excel in service on a yacht?
  • Excited about learning what would advance your career to the next level?
  • Ready to fine-tune your service and hospitality skills?

Let Alene Keenan’s 20+ years of experience as a yacht stew and instructor show you the way to an exciting, and profitable career as a yacht steward!

This is the basis of the 10-day course Alene has been teaching onboard yachts for years.

In THE YACHT GURU’S BIBLE, you’ll get practical tips, guidelines, and checklists—plus unique insider knowledge—to help you become a world-class professional yacht stew. Complete with photos, charts, checklists, and illustrations, get ready to learn it all: from etiquette and Silver Serice, to wine and mixology, to guest housekeeping and laundry, to landing that first job on a yacht.

With the same grace and generosity that she has shown through her years of service onboard, Keenan will help you elevate your hospitality skills and excel in service on a luxury yacht.

Learn what you need to know not only to succeed as a pro,  but to travel and live the life of your dreams.

THE YACHT GURU’S BIBLE is an incredible guidebook detailing the extensive knowledge every yacht stew needs to know.

If you are ready to advance your career as a service professional and yacht stew to the next level, start reading THE YACHT’S GURU’S BIBLE today.



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Alene Keenan is an experienced yacht stew, the founder of Yacht Stew Solutions, contributor to a monthly column in THE TRITON newspaper, and a consultant to yacht stews, captains, and yacht management companies. She is dedicated to training and mentoring the next generation of service professionals. By developing operational support systems that improve individual and team performance, she keeps keep the yachting dream alive!



Learn the essentials to not only professionally succeed but to also live the life of your dreams.
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