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Your yacht, your dream, your way. 

As an owner, you expect the best. We want to keep your yachting dreams alive so you can enjoy your yacht to the fullest. Whether permanent or freelance staff are hired, crew are the frontline point of contact, and they need to know how you like things done.

We work with your captain and crew to create Customized Operational Support Systems that deliver the high-quality lifestyle you desire. We improve individual and organizational performance through onboard consultations with owners and captains to create guidelines and manuals that manage your home at sea as you like it.

Customized Operational Service and Support Systems for:

  • Yacht Builders
  • Yacht Owners
  • Yacht Captains
  • Yacht Management Companies

Services include:

  • Preferred food and beverage standards
  • Yacht set-up and maintenance
  • Professional boundaries and confidentiality requirements for crew
  • Safety and security guidelines

Your consultation includes:

  • Individual and Organizational Performance Improvement Strategies
  • Customized Yacht Interior Service Manuals and Guidelines
  • Customized Onboard Yacht Interior Team Development
  • Documents, templates, guidelines, and checklists

Whether you want white glove service or prefer a more casual, sporting lifestyle, we have a solution for you. Clear communication of standards, professional development of crew, and reduced crew turnover will deliver the kind of hospitality that lets owners relax and enjoy the freedom of yachting with family and friends.

You can improve guest experiences onboard starting today. Find out if Yacht Stew Solutions is right for you.  




About Alene Keenan

After years of service as chief stew onboard yachts, Alene Keenan continues to provide knowledge and support the industry.  A monthly columnist for The Triton yachting newspaper, published author of The Yacht Guru’s Bible: The Service Manual for Every Yacht, and course writer and instructor at Maritime Professional Training in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, she has helped thousands of people from around the world elevate their hospitality skills.