Yacht Stewardess Training Touches on Interpersonal Relationships


personal-106805_640Individual and Interpersonal Relationships

Part of yacht stewardess training involves giving a heads up about one of the most difficult things to master in this industry: Individual and Interpersonal Relationhips onboard.

Unless you have actually lived and worked on  yacht, it is hard to imagine what it is really like. It is basically living a life of extreme highs and extreme lows.

Yachting can be loads of fun and a great way to save money, but it requires a certain kind of fortitude. One of the most difficult aspects of living and working on a yacht is the fact that crew live, work, and play onboard. In yacht stewardess training, we touch on the fact that it can be very difficult to create a work-life balance. In a land-based job, people go home at the end of every day, where they have a chance to decompress and process feelings that may have come up around conflict during the day. On a yacht, there is no such thing as going home after work. You really have to focus on creating your own balance.

You have to learn how to process your feelings about what you are going through. It is kind of a trial by fire. Avoid being the complainer that no one wants to be around. In nearly every instance, everyone on the crew has gone through exactly what you are experiencing.  You have to tough it out. Getting along with others, being respectful of everyone and not ever being involved in fights, arguments and politics can make you indispensable – in some cases, it’s more important than what you know or how hard you are willing to work.

Conflict is inevitable in this industry, and it is often up to the crew to find solutions to these issues. There is currently a lot of discussion about the lack of management and leadership training provided for senior crew, including captains. In many cases, crew receive very little support in this regard and are left on their own to figure things out. This is one of the reasons there is so much turnover in the yachting industry. And it is closely related to one of the reasons that owners sell their yachts. Most owners do not want to see new faces every time they step onboard.

Your interpersonal skills can make or break your enjoyment of the experience onboard. The most important advice that I can give anyone wanting to start out on yachts is: “Don’t be more trouble than you’re worth.” When you’re starting out, you are very easily replaceable because you have not proven yourself and have not earned the trust of the rest of the crew. You’re living in very close quarters and one of the drawbacks of living in such a small space is that every little bit of your personality is exposed–good and bad. As part of yacht stewardess training, it is important to stress the importance of individual and interpersonal relationships.