Yacht Stewardess Wine Training: Noble Grapes


Yacht Stew Solutions Wine Training: The Noble Grapes
The Noble Grapes: Chardonnay

There are up to 18 Grape Varietals that are considered Noble Grapes. “Noble grapes” is a term used to describe the international varietals of grapes that are most recognizable for the top quality wine they produce. Some of the Major Noble Grapes are:

Major White Grapes

  • Chardonnay

Notable regions: Burgundy, Champagne, So America, Australia, California
Wine aromatics: Apple, pear, vanilla fig, pineapple, melon, citrus, lemon, honey, butter

On the palate: Cool climate – zesty with med to high acid, medium body & alcohol. warm climate – low to medium acidity, medium to high alcohol with a “round” or “fat” body.


  • Sauvignon Blanc

Notable regions: Loire, Bordeaux, New Zealand, California, Italy, Chile, So. Africa and Canada
Wine aromatics: Distinct vegetal aromas of cut grass, asparagus or green pepper, plus fruit notes of honeydew, grapefruit, gooseberry, green fig, and lemon or lime. Some also contain a “cat’s pee” and mineral scents

On the palate:High acidity, light to medium body, and medium alcohol.

  • Riesling

Notable regions: Germany, Alsace, Italy, Austria, Australia, United States and Canada.
Wine aromatics: Young-lemon, lime, peach, minerals, beeswax and flowers. Older – gasoline, petrol. Dessert – apricot, honey, raisins, baked apple and peaches.

On the palate: High acid. Can be dry to fully sweet. Low to medium alcohol.


4 Major Red Grapes

  • Cabernet Sauvignon

Notable regions: Bordeaux (left bank), Napa CA, Washington, Coonawarra Australia, Italy, Spain, So .Africa, and Chile
Wine aromatics: Cassis (black current) blackberry, black cherry, mint/eucalyptus, green bell pepper. Oak aging can add smoke, toast, tobacco, and vanilla.

On the palate: High acid and juicy. Moderate tannins, bright red fruit character, silky texture.


  • Pinot Noir

Notable regions: Burgundy, Champagne, Oregon, California, New Zealand, Chile
Wine aromatics: Cherry, strawberry, plum, raspberry, gamey, leather, mushrooms, “barnyard funk”

On the palate: High acid and juicy. Moderate tannins, bright red fruit character, silky texture.


  • Merlot

Notable regions: Bordeaux (left and right bank) Italy, California, Washington, Australia, So Africa, Chile
Wine aromatics: Black fruit, plums, cherries, fig, brown spices (nutmeg & clove), chocolate, coffee, vegetal (if under ripe).
On the palate:  Medium acidity and tannins, rich & supple mouth feel


 Syrah or ShirazNotable regions: Rhone, Australia (known as Shiraz), Paso Robles CA, Washington.
Wine aromatics: Raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, plum, black currant, violets,carnations, rosemary, tobacco, black pepper, smoke, leather, bacon, chocolate, eucalyptus (particularly in Australia)
On the palate: Brawny to soft. Moderate acidity with medium to high tannins. Full body.

What’s YOUR favorite grape?